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Delhi High School provides an organized learning environment that support the full social and academic development of young women and men.  School policies are developed to support student development.

The school policies at Delhi High School are developed to support positive student behavior in a safe and communal learning environment. Parents and students are asked to read the policies and to support the policies so that all students may be successful during their four years at DHS.





Letter grades are employed to evaluate student achievement and assure students, parents, teachers, and universities of an accurate measure of student progress.



Course Load and Additional Credit


Each student at DHS is expected to maintain a minimum college preparatory academic class load. Additional credit may be earned through special programs.



Academic Standing


Student success at DHS requires students meet the expectations of a college preparatory education aimed at developing student knowledge, critical thinking, and social skills.





Student attendance every day at DHS is very important. The academic progress of students requires regular attendance. At the same time, the school recognizes the need to support students when medical or other conditions impact attendance.





Students are expected to be in the classroom and ready to start academic work at the posted time each class period begins. Students are expected to have all class materials with them.



Safety and Security


Delhi High promotes a safe and secure learning environment for students. This requires clarity of behavioral norms, careful planning, and the cooperation of all members of the community in working toward a safe and secure school culture and facility.



Student Behavior


Young women and men who attend Delhi High are challenged to behave on and off campus in a manner consistent with school policy.



Serious Student Behavioral Infractions


At times students seriously violate the DHS norms for students behavior. The norms exist to support individual student success and to promote a healthy community. Violations of these norms can lead to serious consequences for students.



Student Driving and Parking Regulations


Senior, junior, and sophomore students are extended the privilege of driving to Delhi High School.



Dress Code


Delhi High challenges students to present themselves as young adults that demonstrate respect for others and themselves as they prepare for their career goals. Appropriate grooming and dress support this goal.



School Facilities


The campus at DHS is a beautiful place intended to provide a comfortable environment for learning. Students, faculty, and staff work to keep the campus clean and orderly.